Sculpted Space web site screenshot

Sculpted Space (Thesis Web Site)

The web site for my thesis exhibition, Sculpted Space: City As Art, is now live. Check it out and send some feedback my way!

museums in the digital age

Art Exhibitions in the Digital Age

Corcoran alumna, Ariel Wilchek, has launched an insightful blog focusing in on temporary exhibitions and the changing world of museums. Witfully entitled, Pop-up Bliss: The Joy of Impermanence, she delves into the way architecture, environmental graphics, installation design, and more…

The Exhibit Designer

The Exhibit Designer

While researching materials related to exhibition design and criticism, I stumbled upon and excellent blog titled “The Exhibit Designer,” created by environmental graphic designer, Christine Lefebvre. She has some brilliant critiques of her own and highlights some fascinating exhibitions. visit blog

Movie Reviews

For my first assignment, I have been asked to look at four film reviews and analyze how they address  technical and aesthetic aspects in wording geared to their audience. The Hobbit (2012) The Christian Science Monitor review by Peter Rainer Washington…